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Our Mission & Vision
We aim in establishing a progressive and sustainable society to live a dignified life.


Rapid Action For Human Advancement Tradition(RAHAT), is a non-profit, voluntary development organization working in the areas of institution building, income and employment generation, health, human resource development, education and promotion of culture for the disadvantaged segment of the society especially for women, youth, and children. RAHAT's goal is to establish a people-initiated development process and to ensure socio-economic development of people. RAHAT is committed to follow people's participation, institution building, human rights, gender equity, environment friendliness, poverty alleviation and people's sustainability in achieving its goals. RAHAT is following a path of organizational sustainability, consistent with people's self-reliance. Considering development as a complex process, RAHAT encourages partnership and networking with government and other like-minded organizations.

RAHAT has experienced, energetic, dynamic workers and members committed to achieve its goals. It believes in people's capacity and creativity and also in participatory management and is committed to ensure participation at every level. To build capacity of poor and disadvantaged women to create their own institutions in order that they are enabled to break down social, economic, cultural and psychological barriers and thereby facilitate their full development into empowered citizens. To reach out to all the poor families in 38 districts of Bihar with focus on SC/ST, Physically handicapped and destitute women for social, economical and political empowerment.

To create or reorient democratic economic and social processes and institutions to enable poor women to participate fully and actively in decision making in the family and community and at local district, state and national level. To advocate changes in government policies and programmes in favor of disadvantaged women. To empower and sensitize the community for creating an enabling environment in order to bridge the gap of gender inequality and ensure the human rights. Participatory development with active involvement of target partners in decision-making. Ensuring well-being of children and women. Empowerment of lowest section of the society to eliminate differences and foster justice. Ensure economic self-reliance through natural resource development. Ensure equity and justice for women and Disabled. Promote on local conflict resolution mechanism. Engage in lobby / advocacy with government to alleviate poor.


RAHAT envisions a society in which poor and disadvantaged people are developed and self-reliant. Improvement in the Quality of lives of poor and disadvantaged women and adolescents in the state of Bihar. Established a progressive and sustainable society in which all members have a dignified life (free from social, economic, political differences),live in peace and enjoy right of expression and opportunities, with equal participation.


  • Believes in people's capacity and dignity.
  • Culture and environment friendly.
  • Creativity and innovation.
  • Discipline, participation, team work and openness. Cost consciousness
  • Gender equity
  • Accountability and transparency
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Justice and fairness
  • Striving for excellence
  • Concern for quality
  • Continuous learning
  • Promoting self-reliance
  • Integrity and honesty Openness
  • Shared Responsibility
  • Strengthening management capacity
  • Internal resource mobilization