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Our Objectives
We focus on improvement of the quality of life of every members of society.


  • Women Empowerment
  • Child Protection and Care
  • Reproductive and Community Health
  • Prevention of Gender based & Domestic violence & also promoting PWDVA 2005
  • Combat Human Trafficking
  • Promote basic education with vocational Training for social change
  • Disaster Reduction and Rehabilitation
  • Income Generation/SHG
  • Entrepreneurship skill development & Livelihoods
  • Local Self Governance
  • Water Sanitation & Hygine

The strategy represents a multi-sector approach that includes the justice and legal, security, health (including sexual and reproductive health), education, economic, social services, humanitarian, and development sectors, and that works at the individual, family, community, local, national, and global levels.The overarching goal of this strategy is to marshal the Bihar's expertise and capacity to prevent and respond to gender-based violence globally. It is imperative that the state employ its human and financial resources in the most effective, efficient, and coordinated way.

  • To increase coordination of gender-based violence prevention and response efforts among Bihar Government agencies and with other stakeholders
  • To enhance integration of gender-based violence prevention and response efforts into existing Bihar Govt work
  • To improve collection, analysis, and use of data and research to enhance gender-based violence prevention and response efforts
  • Encouraging Corporate leadership capacity with the quality to ascertain gender equality
  • Encouraging adequate respect and support for human rights and non-discrimination and in consequence treating men and women equally at workplaces
  • Making sure that all men and women Workers are provided with equal facilities in terms of their overall welfare and safety at workplaces
  • Educating women according to the professional requirement and encourage them to grow further in life
  • Encouraging women to develop Entrepreneurial skills, which in turn, would make them self-dependent
  • Advocating the promotion of gender equality within in a community
  • Proper measurement and letting people know of the achievement of gender equality

Trafficking – combat Human Trafficking

  • RAHAT has vision for children and women without exception to be protected from trafficking and institutionalized crimes that take advantage of their vulnerability.
  • To work with a commitment for an all out effort to ensure all children and women will be protected from trafficking and sexual exploitation.
  • To develop a forum to understand issues of human trafficking.
  • To develop strategies with government stakeholders like Police, Judiciary, hoteliers, transporters, PRIs and other stakeholders via interface session.
  • To create awareness among different stakeholders regarding issue of children and women trafficking.
  • To develop a strong network with like minded groups/people and organization.
  • To intervene for combating trafficking through vigilance cell, counseling, orientation, sensitization of key stakeholders.
  • To strengthen the Inter religious priest forum (IRPF) in Bihar.

Child-Related Issues

  • Ensuring child development planning at all levels.
  • Provision of appropriate policy guidelines to improve the quality of life of children.
  • Sensitization on children’s issues at all levels to ensure survival, protection and development of children.
  • Promoting and carrying out research into child-related concerns.
  • Establishing gender and children responsive monitoring and evaluation mechanisms for development.
  • Establishing effective mechanisms to monitor and evaluate child issues.
  • Advocate for the consideration of the best interest of the child in all issues affecting the child.
  • Strengthening the capacities of personnel who work in child related areas in an integrated manner to handle child-related issues efficiently.