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Sale & Purchase Policy
We aim in establishing a progressive and sustainable society to live a dignified life.

The Managing Committee Meeting of Rapid Action For Human Advancement Tradition (RAHAT)held at organizational premises held on 25.3.2012 has approved the Sale and Purchase Policies for the organization and it is applicable from 1.4.2012.

The organizational Sale and Purchase Policies framed is mentioned below:

  • There would be a Sale and Purchase Committee at RAHAT which will sit as per the requirement and would be chaired by the Secretary. The purchase committee will be comprised of the following members- Secretary (Chairperson of the Committee), Treasurer, Project/ Programme Head, Accounts Head, one outsider (either any beneficiary/PRI Representative/ Auditor etc).
  • Purchasing power of Secretary would be Rs.50000/-, Programme Head/ Project Head - Rs. 10000/- and Accounts Head will be Rs.5000/- and it will be based on the earlier requisition made or in emergency case the requisition form can be filled up with 5 days of the purchase.
  • At least 3 quotations will be invited for purchase of any item/ asset costing more than.Rs.10000/-
  • The organization will finalize the supplier for 2 years who (finalized by the committee) will supply office stationeries, other materials for running the office and monthly payments or fortnightly payments will be done through cheque. The suppliers could be categorized 1st, 2nd and 3rd on priority basis for supply. In emergency case, office materials/ stationeries could be purchased from out side with proper justification.
  • The organization can sell the obsolete assets and other items as per the decision of the Managing Committee and accordingly the Sale and purchase Committee will advertise the sale items through local news papers and put on the notice board of the office. This committee will evaluate the cost of the asset as per the out side market and audit report (for depreciation value) and finalize the party quoting maximum rate of that asset.

NOTE: Any change or modification in the policy is subject to the decision of the Managing Committee of RAHAT.