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Combat Human Trafficking

I refutable is the fact that trafficking in women and children, an obscene affront to their dignity and rights, is a gross commercialization of innocent human lives, indulged in by organized criminals. Trafficking violates all known canons of human rights and dignity. In this world of tragic and complex human abuse, women and children form a particularly vulnerable class. In the existing social scenario in India, vulnerability is a product of inequality, low status and discrimination as well as the patriarchal and captivating authority unleashed on children, especially the girl child. All of this is further compounded by an apathetic attitude of society fueled by a mindset which views women as mere chattels. With no freedom of choice and options for a life with dignity, these hapless women and children are merrily trafficked and exploited forcing them to lead a life crippled with indignity, social stigma, debt bondage and a host of ailments including HIV/AIDS.

Prostitution is often referred to as the oldest profession in the world. This statement has clear overtones of derision and inevitability which unfortunately tend to get attached to victims of sexual exploitation and trafficking. It would be far more accurate to describe instead, trafficking as the oldest business in the world – and incidentally, one of the most lucrative. There is nothing inevitable about such a business, as the law enforcers may like to believe. Given proper laws, strict law enforcement and socio-economic programmes for the empowerment of the vulnerable and the victims, trafficking can be effectively checked. The purpose of this “action” research is to identify vulnerable areas and groups, to ascertain causes of weak law enforcement and provide data for creation of proper programmes and policies to check trafficking effectively.

Trading in human beings and their exploitation in varied forms by traffickers in human beings is one of the most despicable forms of violation of human rights. Trafficking in its widest sense includes not just exploitation of prostitution of others or forms of sexual exploitation, it also includes forced labour or services, slavery or practices similar to slavery or trade in human beings for removal of organs. Trafficking clearly violates the fundamental right to a life with dignity. It also violates right to health and health care, right to liberty and security of person, right to freedom from torture, violence, cruelty or degrading treatment. It violates for children who have been trafficked, or victims of child marriages their right to education, it violates the right to employment and the right of self determination.

Kishanganj district of Bihar is a remote and source district for Child / women trafficking ,because poverty and vulnerable,weaker section people are residing and also job opportunities are negligible so they migrate to Delhi,Kolkata,Mumbay for working and seeking job,Meanwhile this process many girls and women trafficked and some of them found in brothels of different areas.Indo Nepal border is a open border and brokers are looking for such women and adolescent girls who are helpless, They misguided them and pushed in Brothels,Child&fack marriage . Kishanganj district of bihar is famous for source, Transit and Destination for human trafficking. Rahat organization is famous for Prevention of Human Trafficking.

Through this project Rahat will be working with the Communities and gather all people of Kishanganj district and regular meeting and interaction with Govt.agencies and PRIs for the stopping child and women trafficking.due to Lack of knowledge &Awareness,Sensitization. Apart from that people and stakeholders will be aware and sensitization on social norms where they come to know about child and forced marriage,more than 80% people are not knowing about child and forced marriage due to illiteracy.Kishanganj district of bihar is directly connected to Nepal border and West Bengal,more than 40% people are migrate for big cities.organization has keen observed and decided to prepare a project proposal.Social norms is one of the key issues for the community where they don’t know and not able to distinguish Child and forced marriage.Through this project organization will be developed their attitude.

RAHAT organization has been working on combat Human Trafficking in Kishanganj and Araria districts of Bihar with the collaboration of UNODC, I Partner India. Rahat organization has 437 women and girls rescued from Brothel and rehabilitated them after counselling.